A recent trip to Florida reminded me that art takes many forms.  This is true in the realm of artistic expression, but in the natural world as well.

I toured a few islands off the Gulf Coast of Florida by boat.   They are largely unspoiled by development — a haven for shellers and fishermen.





As we approached one of the islands I was captivated by the landscape.  The beach was dotted with driftwood sculptures, evidence of the wind and surf that continuously shape the shoreline.



The tangle of branches has been bleached by the sun with what appears to be fingers straining upward, yet anchored to the sand by roots.






This driftwood sculpture was particularly intriguing because it was covered with barnacles, apparently having spent much time underwater before being tossed on the shore.

This ‘outdoor museum’ was a delightful surprise and a reminder to keep watching for art in unexpected places.