Living Room Before

When you enter the front door of a townhouse, you usually enter directly into the living room.  Therefore, this room must be enticing and interesting enough to want to continue.  Since prospective buyers make up their mind within the first 30 seconds, everything that is visible from the front door must be pristine.

Living Room After

Premiere Home Stagers removed the excess, located some pieces in other rooms, and repositioned the remaining. It now looks stream-lined and comfortable.

Dining Room Before

The dining room can be viewed from the front door as well.  It needs to be clutter-free. We pushed the large cabinet toward the hallway and turned the table 90 degrees (horizontally) in front of the patio door.

Master Bedroom Before

We liked the brown accent wall in the master bedroom.  However, most of the furniture pieces were on one side of the room.  We repositioned some pieces to make the room feel balanced.

Master Bedroom After

All it takes is a professional stager to reposition your belongings in a new way.  There are reasons why rooms don’t feel right:

  • Unbalanced furniture
  • Not enough light or light in the wrong place
  • Too much furniture
  • Pictures hung too high or not in the right location
  • Too many collectibles
  • Mismatched styles, i.e., primitive wood with polished cherry
  • Wrong paint colors, i.e., neon or too dark

Premiere Home Stagers can take care of these and many other design concerns. Should you love it or sell it?  Let us help you decide.  608-345-9396