Rear Before

This Victorian house is in need of an update because people live differently today than when the house was built in 1894. There were some minor updates done over the years, which explains why the rear black door doesn’t lead to anything.

Kitchen Before

The master plan involves increasing the kitchen size by using the space from the back hallway and extending the back door outward.  Because the homeowners wanted a cleaner look, the kitchen will have closed cabinets to store dinnerware and cookware.

Back Hallway before


This small rear entryway now serves as extra storage for pantry items, plus a rack for coats and boots.  The door is too narrow to accommodate moving furniture and appliances in.  Instead, this area will become a larger, brighter, and more efficient mudroom.


The stairwell down to the basement is steep and narrow and, frankly, tricky to maneuver. It would be costly to move the concrete walls, so a little brainstorming needed to be done.

Basement Stairs

Because the homeowners do not need to access their basement very often, it was decided to cut a hole in the front hallway floor and install a counter-balanced hatch.  [The washer/dryer is located inside the master bedroom closet.]

New basement stairs


During Construction

After the plans were approved, construction began earlier this month and will continue until the end of the year.  Premiere Home Stagers consulted on tile for the kitchen floor, backsplash and two bathrooms. A combination of black and white tile will make the rooms feel connected plus are appropriate for the style and age of this Victorian.

Premiere Home Stagers love to consult on renovation projects.  There are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. Let us take that portion off of your plate and guide you to what you envisioned. With the lowest interest rates in decades, isn’t it time you make your house into your dream home?  Call us at 608-345-9396.