Architectural Interest

Who doesn’t enjoy a home with unique architectural features?  These design elements are what differentiate a custom home with a price tag to match.

But what about creating architectural interest in an otherwise box-like space?  The room at left is a great example where the wrap-around shelving accentuates the bow window and adds interest to the room.

A consultation this week took us to a home where this idea has been creatively implemented.

  This home is a very typical 3-bedroom ranch style.  The living room, however, stands out because of this shelving unit.  It was built by the homeowners for a previous home but looks custom-designed for this one.   This wall is the initial view from the front door so it  sets the stage for the home.

We recommended moving the sofa to the adjacent wall to open up the space.  There is an inconspicuous wall across the room where the work station will now be located.

The pair of chairs on the opposite wall will now be placed in front of the shelving unit with an accent table in between.  Finally the contents of the shelves will be pared down for a sleeker and more decorative look.

The arrangement will evoke a cozy and inviting feeling, drawing buyers into the room.  The shelves remain functional but with fewer accessories there is room for the eye to rest.

A typical ranch becomes one that stands out from the competition as “the house with the great shelving unit.”  That added interest may be just the thing that clinches the sale.