Our first staging appointment next week is with a couple who are planning to list their home in the spring.  They understand that the way they live in their home may not be optimal for selling it.  So, they have scheduled Premiere Home Stagers to make recommendations to maximize appeal.

We love this plan!  When their house hits the market they will know that they have done everything they could to appeal to buyers.  They will have time to implement our suggestions on a room-by-room basis.  Whatever cost may be involved is spread out over a few months.

Dining Area Before Staging

Our classic example of this advance planning is a home where we prepared a staging consultation a year and a half ago (see our blog, “Long-Term Project”).  The homeowners were unsure of their future but decided to move ahead with a staging consultation, because the home needed work anyway.

They did decide to list their home a year later.  They had carefully completed every item we suggested on our report.  Much “elbow grease” was involved but they were determined to get the most money out of their property.


Dining Area After Staging


Predictably the home sold quickly last summer.  The elated sellers contacted us and declared, “A professional home staging consultation was the single most important thing we did to sell our home.  Thank you!”

We look forward to hearing the same thing from next week’s clients.  Our staging consultation report becomes their “to-do list”.  We take the guesswork out of enhancing a home for sale.

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