The creativity in Las Vegas is quite impressive throughout the year, but I have to say much more impressive at Christmas time.

Bellagio Hotel Christmas Tree

Not only does the hotel lobby look gorgeous, it smells wonderful also.  There are hundreds of pointsettias and mums that fill the air with Christmas smells.

Bellagio Hotel Gingerbread Houses

The gingerbread houses give off a wonderful gingerbread and cinnamon smell, plus the edible candies look so appetizing.

This simple bouquet of Christmas roses and white branches look stunning on top of the hotel registration desk. The scale of a decoration needs to be in proporation to the size of the room.

Something special for the children was this skating penguin pair.  A little bit of whimsy is just plain fun.

Wynn Hotel Fruit Tree

As you move into the Wynn Hotel, there is a beautiful walkway of natural flowers,   lighted trees and, especially for Christmas, this tree full of edible fruit and hanging chrysanthemums.

Wynn Hanging Flowers

I am always impressed with Las Vegas’ colored lights, quirkiness, and attention to detail.  The holiday decorating here gives me something to think about when decorating my own home.  Toss those decorating traditions aside this year and do something quirky and unique.  Try a different color such as purple or blue alongside the reds and greens.  Simple ideas can make the best impressions.

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