Living Room Before

Before the furniture was placed in this one-bedroom senior living apartment, it was totally bare. When giving tours to prospective renters, the staff had to show an empty apartment. People had to use their imagination as to which belongings might fit or if there was enough space for their needs.

Wow, doesn’t staging make an impact!  The staff says they are now excited to showcase this lovely apartment to prospective renters. Only 10% of the population can visualize how an empty room might look when furnished. Need more proof?

The furniture was dropped off in this arrangement. However, all professional stagers know that the first thing one needs to see in a bedroom is the bed.  Softness in a bedroom evokes an emotional connection.

Doesn’t this bedroom look relaxing and restful?  Most people can visualize themselves sleeping here.

Bathroom Before

There is nothing to look at in this bathroom except for the fixtures–which aren’t visually attractive.  Premiere Home Stagers can even make a bathroom more appealing.

We love the patterned shower curtain and the colorful picture. Both attract the eye to somewhere other than the plumbing fixtures.


Have we shown how staging can make a different to a prospective renter or potential buyer?  You need to call Premiere Home Stagers to put more pizzaz into your place–whether renting, buying, selling, or staying.  608-345-9396.