Decorating a home for a growing family means continual change.  That nursery was perfect for the newborn, but now, as a 2-year-old and with another child on the way, it’s time to prepare another room.


With a bold paint color choice and a sports theme the new space is taking shape.


A toddler bed helps with the transition from crib to “big boy bed”.  The patchwork comforter ties in the wall color and affords other accent color possibilities.


Now all that was needed was a dresser.  Buy new … or re-do?  That was the question.  A trip to the furniture store helped clarify the answer!  The couple decided to  purchase a second-hand dresser and refurbish it.

The piece they found was the right size and sturdy, but with dated drawer pulls and in need of some finish touch-up.

They enlisted one of our favorite re-do products:  Old English Scratch Cover.  When applied over a damaged finish it hides marks, scratches and other imperfections and adds some shine.  It is a great alternative to completely refinishing minor wood damage.

With the finish looking better it was time to tackle the dated hardware.


Applying two variations of brushed nickel hardware completed the transformation of the piece.  It is a classic dresser with an updated look, and all for a fraction of the cost of a new dresser.

Are they finished?  Not yet.


Still to come — one more re-do.  Recovering the worn light blue cushions of this glider rocker in a vibrant red.  Stay tuned!