Hello dear reader, thank you for visiting.

Premiere Home Stagers is reviewing our business practices.  So, after doing some research, we found good social media is dependent upon a few factors.

1.  Have a passion about your business.

Having a passion for home staging and redesigning comes automatic for us.  We absolutely LOVE what we do.  We  love partnering with you or your realtor to make your home more desirable for prospective buyers.  We also love making your home more comfortable for you if you are not selling.

2.  Care about your readers.

Most every blog we post is intended to show you some tips, some ideas, or just something fun to share.  We don’t want to bore you or take up too much of your valuable time.  We want to be YOUR home stager or redesigner and we care about efficiency and cost when we suggest some ways to spruce up your place.

3. Don’t under-estimate the details.

Just like an outfit you wear, the accessories (or bling) are just as important.  That’s why we take the time to carefully select pillows, candles, artwork, area rugs, and those little touches that make your home unique and personal to you.

4.  Always tell the truth.

If you are putting your house on the market and you have too many personal photos detailing the growth of your children from babies to adulthood, we’ll delicately tell you that even though your children are adorable, you’ll need to pack your personal belongings away.  Or, if you have painted your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and hallway purple or orange, we’ll steer you to a more neutral paint color. If you ask our opinion about an item you are considering purchasing, we will gladly check out the item and give you our honest thoughts.

5.  Inspire

We would like to inspire you with ideas on how to create the right space for you. We offer workshops in the Madison, WI area that show you how to choose and rearrange furniture, how to choose paint colors, and how to accessorize your rooms.  We try to be positive and encouraging when making suggestions because we realize not everyone has the same viewpoint.

So, thanks for reading.  Hope to see you next time.

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