At Premiere Home Stagers, our first recommendation to home sellers is to declutter their homes.  Decluttering allows a potential buyer to see the features of the home itself, rather than being distracted by stuff.

Decluttering begs the issue of adequate storage.  “Where do I go with all my stuff?”, we are often asked.  This is especially challenging in a small home where square footage is already at a premium.

The photo above is of a Kaidan Dansu, a Japanese concept that we would  call a staircase cabinet.  It is an ingenious way to create storage in what is otherwise wasted space.

As a free-standing piece of furniture it is a unique wall unit with plenty of closed storage as well as stair-step shelves to display accessories.




This small master bedroom was a source of frustration to its owners.  In order to have adequate clothes storage the room had a dresser and chest as well as a nightstand.  The space felt crowded.

The small space storage solution was to build a wall of cabinets around the bed.  The cabinets were repurposed from a kitchen demolition project nearby.  Clothing is stored here with out of season items going up over the bed.

The room feels larger and less cluttered with this new look.  The next project is to add an upholstered headboard in the nook behind the bed.  What a sleek and ingenious storage solution!

The same house had an empty space where lower kitchen cabinets should have been.  Rather than adding another cabinet, the homeowners added a bank of small drawers.  The drawers offer more organization than a cabinet and maximize this bit of space.

Another unique and practical small space solution.  The possibilities are endless!