Some families have responsibilities to both a younger AND an older generation.  One of these responsibilities may include finding an appropriate assisted living situation.   Taking care of an older generation in your home may not be the best solution—perhaps because the extended family is scattered all over the country, have full-time jobs, take care of younger children, or have health issues of their own.

There are many choices for assisted living communities today than there were many years ago. You can choose your level of care, your room  layout (studio, 1- or 2-bedroom), and even small pets may be welcomed.  Many elders do not want to give up their beloved pet.  Some facilities even have a therapy dog that walks the hallways, visting tenants.

You can bring your own furniture and have Premiere Home Stagers fit what you love into your new living spaces.  Alternatively, perhaps you would prefer to down-scale the size of your furniture and start anew.  Premiere Home Stagers can help with that as well.

There is no reason to give up making cookies for your visitors or preparing snacks or meals if you prefer.  However, if you would like some company, the community dining room serves three meals a day where you can converse with fellow tenants, or take your tea out on the veranda on warm days.

Bathrooms are built to accommodate a wheelchair or a walker. You can even sit in the shower on a plastic chair if you are more comfortable.  Safety rails and correct heights of faucets and light fixtures allow for ease of use.  The tile floor is warm with in-floor heat for those middle of the night trips with bare feet.

Transitions are hard for most people.  Premiere Home Stagers understands because we have walked this path with our loved ones.  We would love to walk you through your life transitions with humor, comfort, and grace.

Let us know how we can help.  608.345-9396  or 608-217-8058.