An attendee at one of our recent home decor workshops went home inspired for change in her new home.  They had moved into their first home several months earlier and began to personalize their space by painting.

A trip to the paint store can be a daunting experience.  With thousands of color choices, how does one narrow it down?  Paint samples help, but then the dilemma becomes which walls should be painted.

Premiere Home Stagers visited her home and made some recommendations.  The brick behind the woodburning stove had a pinkish cast and needed to be painted.  The homeowners had selected the pumpkin color but were leary to go too far with it.  Note the sample colors on the right side of the wall.

We loved the pumpkin color they had chosen.  It coordinated well with the brick under the stove and with the hardwood floor color.  The room is spacious and has good light and would benefit from a bold color choice.

So they followed our advice and painted the pumpkin color on three sides of the room.  Opposite the brick wall is a staircase that they had painted tan.  We suggested that they use that color on the brick to mirror the color across the room.

The finished product looks great!  The tan brick behind the stove sets off the cast iron.  The warm wall color gives the room a cozy feel.

Rearranging the furniture filled the space and putting the sofa on a slight angle gives interest to the arrangement.

On to the master bedroom.  Gray was the color choice for three of the walls.  The accent wall color sample was a bit bold and they hoped to tone it down.

We loved picking up the gray background of the comforter as a wall color.  Choosing the right accent color was the next step.  We stayed in the purple family but selected a color that is more subdued and suitable for a restful bedroom.


The result  is beautiful.  The subtle plum is the right tone to coordinate with the gray.  The dark wood furniture provides great contrast.

These young, first-time homebuyers are enjoying their personalized space.  Instead of ‘playing it safe’ with neutral paint colors, they were eager to experiment.  With a few tips from our workshop and a little personal advice, they are gaining confidence that will inspire them in the future.

Thanks for letting Premiere Home Stagers provide some guidance!