Our mission at Premiere Home Stagers is to help sellers put their home’s “best foot forward” when marketing it.  Today’s buyers are less likely to look beyond reality to the potential of a home.  In recent years inventory has been high and potential buyers could afford to be particular.

Buyers are likely to be turned off when they see potential projects all over a home.


Overly bold paint colors say, “work, work, work” to a potential buyer.  Not every room needs to be beige but a neutral palette is less distracting and a buyer is able to move right in.



Outdated decor and yesteryear’s carpeting adds to the list of potential projects that a buyer sees.  Brightening dark panelling with a coat of paint and replacing old carpet is time and money well-spent when listing a home.



Any sign of past water damage is a red flag and potential turn-off to buyers.  Even if the water issue is repaired, removing any sign of it is important.  This project requires elbow grease but very little money to repaint the concrete floor.



Unfinished projects are daunting to a potential buyer.  Whether is it something as simple as making a final paint choice or adding trim to a remodeled space, finishing the job says that a home has been well cared for.



Personal articles that pigeonhole the seller are buyer turn-offs.  Collections can be distracting from the features of the home.  Decorating that is overly masculine or feminine may dissuade a potential buyer of the opposite gender.


A home without projects, or with a short list of projects will have the most appeal to today’s buyer.  The goal of enhancing a home for sale is to create an environment where a potential buyer walks in and declares, “Wow, I could live here!”