Guest Bedroom

This guest room became the bedroom of a teenager for a school year.  The homeowners have hosted foreign exchange students, both male and female from various countries.  In almost every instance, the bedroom of a teenager transforms itself into something unrecognizable.

This particular teenager likes to keep the blinds shut even on a beautiful sunny day.  He prefers to bundle up his sheets when sleeping and somehow, items end up on the floor.  His shower towel finds itself on top of the closet bifold door to dry even though there is a perfectly good towel bar in the adjoining bathroom.

Staging a teenager’s bedroom can be problematic when the home is occupied. No matter how many times clean-up occurs, the next day it will look like a tornado has passed through.

Children’s bedrooms are full of toys, mememtos, awards, and hobby gear like sports or gymnastics, or dance items.

Sometimes paint colors can be quite bold or the wallpaper border or stick-ons can be distracting.  It is difficult to reach a balance where the bedroom is tasteful, yet not necessarily gender specific.

So, what to do if you want to list your house?  Pack away 75% of the children’s items–especially anything personalized. The remaining items should be tastefully organized on shelves, in the closet, or even under the bed.

For most teen bedrooms, you’ll need to convey the importance of maintaining a tidy room to your teenager and perhaps offer an incentive.  Prospective buyers need to make a positive emotional connection to your house before they make an offer.  It is in your best interest to help them make that connection. If you need help with that, give Premiere Home Stagers a call at 608-345-9396.