The phrase “turnkey home” usually identifies a home for sale that is move-in ready.  A prospective buyer would not have to change or add anything in order to occupy the home.  A turnkey home can also be new construction that is completed to the builder specifications and completely ready for occupancy when purchased.

However, if a new construction turnkey home is purchased early enough, the buyer may be able to personalize the home by making his own choices.

Such was the case this week, as Premiere Home Stagers met with a buyer to finalize choices for a home.


The floor plan could not be changed and windows had been ordered.  Many other finishes could be changed to suit the taste of the buyer.

Siding color was selected from the choices available and displayed on the children’s playhouse.  The buyer landed on a medium clay color (right side, second from the top).



Keeping in mind that the windows would be framed in white, the trim of the home would be white as well.  Stone trim would face a portion of the front and needed to harmonize with the siding.

Shingles were next and would pick up the brown tones in the stone.

We recommended chocolate brown for the shutters to tie together the shingle color with the other elements.  The result is a harmonious and timeless color scheme for the exterior.

Next came the interior finishes.  Most of the builder selections were excellent and in line with the buyer’s tastes.



With a few tweaks the interior finish choices were complete.  The buyer was reassured that the home would flow well.


Materials would now be ordered and construction will be completed in about 3 months.  The buyers are already anxious to move in.

An builder design showroom like this one can be a daunting experience.  Making selections feels like fitting together the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle.  We were glad to lend a hand (and an eye) to create a cohesive look both inside and outside this turnkey home.