Does the thought of a trip to your local paint store cause a minor anxiety attack?  You face that wall filled with hundreds of colors, wondering where to start.

At Premiere Home Stagers almost every consultation we do involves selecting paint colors.  This week I worked with a young client who loved the idea of using colors called “Sassy Green” and “Peacock Plume”.   She is willing to experiment with bold paint color in her new home.

Here a few pointers for making a wise choice in paint colors.

1.  Remember that wall color evokes a mood in any room.  Warm colors feel cozy, cool ones serene.  How do you want your room to feel?

2.  Gather all the elements together that will need to coordinate with the new paint color.  Because it is available in thousands of colors, paint is usually the last selection made.  Remember  that wood is a color!

3.  Whatever color you choose, always view the darkest one on the palette.  It will help you determine the undertone of the color you like.  If the darkest color on the palette has a green undertone, your lighter choice will too.  Decide whether that is what you want.

4.  Purchase a couple paint samples.  For a few dollars you can determine how the color will feel in your space.  If you are painting more than one sample color, space them a few feet apart so that your eye doesn’t blend the colors.  View at different times of the day as the light changes.  How does the paint color change?

5.  If an accent wall is desired, choose the wall that is the focal wall of the room.  Usually it is the first wall seen when entering the room.  It may contain an architectural feature like a fireplace.


Applying these simple principles will take much of the guesswork out of a trip to the paint store.  A few extra steps will help you make a more confident color choice.