This week Premiere Home Stagers was asked to help a worthy cause — a new group home for female sexual abuse survivors.  A wide variety of furniture had been donated for use.  Volunteers had selected the most functional pieces and placed them inside the house.

Work was completed on making each bedroom a warm and welcoming place for the residents.






Our challenge was to do the same in the living room pictured below.

Living Room Before

A pair of loveseats were positioned against opposite walls, flanked by tables and a large recliner.  Wall art was haphazardly placed.  There was a large open space in the middle of the room.

Our desire was to form a cozy conversation area for young women who would soon live here.  We wanted the view from the front door to be instantly welcoming.  The challenge was maintaining a clear walkway into the kitchen and dining area through the living room.

A comfortable conversation area keeps seating within about an 8-foot space.   Chairs that are spaced farther apart or furniture around the perimeter of the room is not conducive to conversation.

Now the loveseats flank the fireplace and face each other for optimum conversation.  The recliner in the left foreground is in a less conspicious location that minimizes its size.  Currently only one sofa table is against a wall.  All other furniture is “floating” in the room.



Culturally appropriate wall art had been gathered.  We hung a grouping above the fireplace to accentuate it as a focal point.  The brass “Believe” motto is front and center as inspiration to these women.


Our passion as home stagers is to help people love where they live.  This week afforded a unique opportunity to invest some effort in a home that will provide shelter and healing for abused women.

We trust that these deserving women will truly love where they live.