What is it about abandoned buildings that draws us?  Is it the way decay takes an ordinary space and gives it a haunting quality?

On a recent trip to America’s heartland I visited places of days past.  My mind conjured up images of people working in and around these places.  What were their stories?



The dawn of a new morning behind the carcasses of these vehicles gave a surreal feeling to the landscape.





How long ago did this garage begin to envelope the vehicle within?  I wondered if anyone noticed.



Further exploration took me to the former home of a relative’s grandparents.  Many happy memories were made in this place, but without its occupants it seems devoid of personality.



Because these images captivate our imaginations we often incorporate them into our home decor.  This picture was the starting point for a dining room color scheme in a redesign project.

The same haunting quality of the abandoned buildings of days gone by makes this a conversation piece for guests in this lively home.