This spring has afforded us several opportunities to instruct and inspire through the vehicle of workshops.  At Premiere Home Stagers our passion is to help people love where they live.   We love to see “the light go on” as a homeowner is inspired to create a fresh look in their decor.

Photo: A color wheel helped us understand the impact of color in our homes.  You can choose colors next to each other on the wheel to create a more relaxing mood, or go for colors opposite each other for a more lively look.

Libby suggested we think about color on walls, furniture, pillows, rugs and accent pieces.Helping attendees understand how color works begins with the color wheel.  Warm colors advance, cool ones recede and, when applied to walls in particular, color creates a feeling in a room.

We use fabric swatches to illustrate how to combine varying colors, patterns and    Photo: Color, texture and patterns are important to consider when choosing fabric for furniture and other textiles in the room.  Changing these can give the area a whole new look.

Pillows are an inexpensive way to add a fresh look to a room!

Give a room a summer-y look by simply changing a bedspread or adding a lightweight throw to a chair. textures to achieve a coordinated look.  We talk about the use of a “color thread” to bring cohesiveness to the home — repeating a color throughout a room and from room to room.

Photo: Libby encouraged the audience to begin with what we already have in our homes and what we love.Accessories can be used sparingly or generously in a home, depending on the whim of the homeowner.  The key to successful use of accessories is intentionality.  Grouping them in odd numbers, varying heights, but unifying with color and medium creates an attractive vignette.  Anchoring the grouping on a tray or plate contains it and gives it additional impact.

Our workshop attendees this week were engaged and attentive, asking great questions as we went.  Our desire is that they went home inspired for a fresh look in their home, with some ideas to help achieve it.