When we posted this blog about a month ago we ended by saying that we expected to see a “SOLD” sign soon.  We weren’t disappointed!  The realtor contacted Premiere Home Stagers the other day to say:  “There is a full price offer on the condo thanks to you!”

When sellers raise the objection that vacant home staging is too expensive, we remind them that staging a home costs less than the intial price reduction.  With a full-price accepted offer in 30 days, that price reduction is completely avoided.

The photo above shows the finished product.  The furnishings are tasteful, neutral and undistracting.  They enable a potential buyer to determine the size and potential function of each area of the home.


Living room before staging


Before the home was vacated the furniture arrangement suited the homeowner but divided the great room in half and blocked the view to the sunroom for a potential buyer.





The furniture we brought in is proportional to the size of each area.  Plenty of exposed floor space creates the illusion of greater size.   Simplicity in carefully placed accessories keeps the buyer focused on the home itself.



Master bedroom before staging


The green wall of the master bedroom lacked a color context.  We decided not to paint the wall but to accentuate the color with the right coordinating pieces.







A few green accents with the addition of tan and coral pulled together the bedroom.  A pair of coral chairs creates a cozy reading nook across the room.  The print to the right of the bed pulls the same colors on to the wall.

The overall effect should allow a buyer to form an emotional connection to the home.  Rather than expecting buyers to see potential in a vacant home, these sellers wisely chose to maximize the appeal with home staging.  Their decision was definitely the right one!