When people decide to add on to their home instead of move, it means a lot of fuss and muss.  It also means having to choose a lot of items.

Tiled Shower


The back shower wall is tiled in a beautiful sea-green glass tile interspersed with porcelain.  It is the first thing you see when you come up the stairs.  It will be grouted next, but what color grout should be used when there are two different types of tile? Choose one color grout to link the two tiles together.  We chose a soft white.

Color Choices

Another choice is cork flooring.

Cork Flooring


The homeowners were interested in a green cork floor for their kitchen.  Premiere Home Stagers recommends neutral colors for items that are more permanent. You can always add color by way of paint or accessories that are less expensive or less permanent.

After paring down the cork samples, we selected our choice from among a few larger samples. Most natural products such as cork flooring or granite have a pattern or flow within it, so it is important to see a larger sample.

Neutral Cork Flooring




Now we need to choose paint colors. But there are so many colors!

Premiere Home Stagers believes in having a color thread–a color that connects one room to another which makes the home feel cohesive.  For example, perhaps one room is painted green. The adjacent room should have some green accessories or accent colors so that the rooms feel connected.

1. Choose paint colors last. There are a multitude of paint colors, but limited colors in other products.

2. See if there is a color commonality among the more permanent choices (tile, countertop, cabinets, fixtures, etc.) that you can extend with paint.

3.  Start with a color you love. Even if it is not trendy at the moment, it will always be a color that connects with you.

4.  Choose colors based upon the use of the room. For example, breakfast rooms can be brighter than TV-viewing rooms.

Paint Deck

5.  Colors close together on the color wheel are analogous and will make the room feel calm.  Colors that are farther apart are complementary and can add drama.

6.  Save strong wall colors for statement rooms that are smaller and visited less often—such as a library, guest room, or powder room.

7.  Look at the paint color choices in the morning and again in the evening as some colors take on different hues depending upon the amount of light that is reflected.

Choosing colors when there is only drywall can be daunting.  Only 10% of the population can visualize what something will look like.  Luckily, Premiere Home Stagers is among those 10%.  Call us at 608-345-9396.