Premiere Home Stagers staged an occupied home for sale recently where the homeowners said, “if only we had called them sooner.”  So, when they purchased a different house, the first phone call after they moved in was to Premiere Home Stagers.

Living Room

They wanted us to consult  on furniture placement, wall colors, and purchases before they made any decisions.

The first thing we suggest is to use the pieces you already have in the locations that make sense for how you live.  This is different than staging a house to sell.  Why?  Because we now need to be concerned about TV placement, and incorporating things you love–such as personal items–that don’t come into play when staging to sell.

Family Room

We re-positioned temporary chairs to face both the backyard and the eventual TV.  If this position works for the couple, we suggested they purchase an area rug, two identical comfortable chairs, and a small table.

Dining Room

Since they sold their previous dining furniture, we mapped out the size and shape of the new furniture. It is important to get a table that extends with leaves for when their Sunday brunch club meets. It is also important to choose upholstered chairs so their guests linger longer.

Office Space

Lastly, we consulted on where to position each person’s office space.  One option was to open up the wall in between these two rooms.  Another option is to use a large basement room.  Each has its advantages.

When the rest of their furniture is delivered and the few pieces purchased, we will return to consult on paint colors and help with accessorizing.

Premiere Home Stagers wants to help you love where you live.  Call us at 608-345-9396.