“I wonder if I could hire you to make our house a home?”  This was the question posed to us by a recent client.  Our answer was a resounding “Yes!”

With a few initial questions answered and some preview photos sent our way we began to process what changes would be necessary to accomplish this goal.

This was the view of the living room when we entered the home.  The sofa was positioned for TV viewing but blocked entry to the space.  The arrangement wasn’t welcoming.

 The clock above the mantel was well placed but lacked impact, as did the smaller items around it.  One question we had posed was, “What do you cherish?”

This homeowner’s husband had framed a map of his small hometown.  It was inconspicuously hung in the basement.  It has now gained prominence in the niche above the fireplace — this spot and the framed map were made for each other.

With the sofa opposite the fireplace, the chair positioned next to it and the TV on a beautiful antique dresser the room feels inviting.  Note the fireplace wall.  The map fits perfectly into the niche.  The minimal accessories on either side do not distract from it but add impact to the mantel.

With a new area rug and window treatments this living room will definitely feel like home!