Powder Room


The powder room’s main function is to serve guests.  This room is very nice, but nothing particularly special.  These types of rooms allow you to do something out-of-the-ordinary because they are small and used less often.

Premiere Home Stagers suggested a wall stencil only on the back wall rather than wallpaper.  A stencil can easily be painted over if it gets tiring after a few years.

Choose a stencil that has an overall pattern for the most effect.  The color paint you stencil with should not be too close to the wall color or it will blend in.  A few shades lighter or darker would work.  In this case, both the mirror and picture had shades of a bronze-color, so that is what we suggested for the stencil color.

First Stencil


The first stencil is placed at the ceiling height, tacked in place with spray adhesive and masking tape.  You can use either a small roller or a stencil brush, making sure there is not too much paint on the tool used.

There are markings on the stencil that help you line up the next piece.






It is relatively fast and easy to complete a column, then line up the stencil in the next row and continue.

First Column of Stencils


It’s a nice effect to see some softer and darker spots within the stencil. The wall looks more artistic instead of everything being perfect like wallpaper.

The client loved the effect of having one wall done. Premiere Home Stagers then suggested papering the back walls of the shelf unit with period paper to complete the vintage effect.














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