How many of us have the courage to identify an office building or a home with more than just the predictable address number sign?  Our observation is that most people play it safe and don’t attract too much attention with what they place in front of their building.  We uncovered a few unique examples that we’d like to feature.


These quirky birds inhabit the space in front of an office park on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin.  Anyone who frequents that area knows of them.  What a unique landmark to identify a business.












Discarded musical instruments were repurposed and fashioned into artistic metal work.  They are located in front of a high school.   Perhaps this was a project in an art class at some point in time.


This home’s yard features a dinosaur garden.  The rustiness of the metal adds character to each sculpture.




We zoomed in on the amazing detail of this yard sculpture.  The metal is intricately layered to create a very dimensional creature.

These folks have identified their buildings with more than just a number.  For better or worse, the art in front of them becomes the landmark.   We admire their creativity and artistic expression.