Have you ever enjoyed a color so much that you wanted to use it elsewhere in your home?  That was the case with a client who recently purchased a new home.

Turquoise, teal blue and teal green are popular colors right now.  She had fallen in love with this shade of teal green and decided to use it in a small main floor powder room.  She loved the finished product.  The color coordinated well with nickel and silver accents she had from her previous home.

Not content to stop there she looked for another place to incorporate this color.  With part of a gallon of paint left she wanted the perfect spot to paint an accent wall.

Previously her master bedroom was painted gray with a gold accent wall.  A solid gray comforter set was her only starting point in this new home.



These rectangular pillows provided the inspiration she needed to put a plan together.  The pillows incorporated the gray of the comforter and the gold that would pull in a warm pop of color.   But, best of all, the teal allowed her to paint one wall of the master bedroom in her new favorite color.

This colorful mix translates into a harmonious and updated master bedroom.  The throw at the foot of the bed carries the gold from the pillows and bounces it back to the wall graphic.  Even the lampshade on the gray ceramic lamp coordinates.  The chair is covered with a white textural throw and pillow.  The white adds some relief from the color elsewhere.

What a great way to repurpose a color you love!