Staging a home for sale is all about maximizing the appeal of the home to potential buyers.  That is accomplished in many ways.

One way is to ensure that the home is welcoming, drawing people into the space.  Furniture is usually arranged to accommodate how we live not what is best to sell.

This sofa creates a visual barrier from the front entry of this home.  It hinders the view of the living room and the scenery beyond.


We repositioned the sofa to face the fireplace and angled a chair opposite the sofa.  Now the view into the space is unobstructed.  The arrangement invites us in rather than blocking the way.

Exposing more of the floor from the entry also gives the room a more expansive feel.


The furniture arrangement in this lake house great room allows a clear view of the water beyond.  The sofa acts as a room divider and accommodates TV viewing.




Even arranging the sofa at an angle opens up the entry to a room.

In this case the sofa stills works for TV viewing but doesn’t block the path to the fireplace.




These corner windows are the perfect place for house plants to thrive.  Yet this grouping of plants creates a visual barrier for a potential buyer to the view outside.

The lot is wooded and beautifully landscaped — a selling feature of the home.  The plants will move with the seller and shouldn’t distract from the vista.

Visual barriers come in all shapes and sizes.  What works when we live in a home may need some tweaking when we market that home.