Blue Doors from “Indulgy”

I’ve lived in my house for almost 11 years. I love the look of having a painted front door, but was undecided upon which color it should be.  I’ve seen lots of red and burgundy doors, but wanted something a little more bold.  How about blue? But which color blue?

Current front door color

For most people, choosing a color to paint either an exterior or interior area is personal. We want color to enlighten our moods, to reflect our style, and to feel content.

Pit marks in the steel door

The original stainable steel front door is showing its age. There are places where the stain is gone, even though the front door was stained just two months ago. Even the moulding is looking tired and worn.

So, how do I go about choosing the right shade of blue?

Blue paint samples

I first check out the paint decks I have on hand. The small paint deck reflects the current trends, whereas the complete paint deck has a lot more choices.  The next thing I do is step away from my front door and take a good look at the surrounding stone and siding.

A broader view

I see that I have some gray, tan, and white surrounding the front door.  I think a blue with some gray in it would be nice, but I want something fairly bright because the house sits on a hill and the front door is further away from the street.

Lakeshore color

Right now, I’m leaning toward a safe blue color called “Lakeshore.” I actually do live across the street from a lake.  But, first, I’ll take another look at Pinterest and see if I dare go a little bolder and brighter such as the front door below.  This color is called “Blue Mosque.”

Front Door color from “The Bold Abode”

I think I’ll purchase a couple of paint samples and then check out the paint film “Sure Swatch” we talked about in another blog. Stay tuned for the finished product in a few weeks.