Premiere Home Stagers frequently see furniture ringed around the perimeter of a room, leaving a vacant space in the middle just waiting for the music to begin and the dancing to start.

Living Room

View from Loft

This is a very large living room with a vaulted ceiling. It needs some warmth and more furniture.  It’s rare that we ADD furniture; we usually suggest removing some.

We discovered these four chairs in an upstairs loft area.  Perfect for the living room. (We positioned two other chairs in the loft.)

Two of the black chairs with pillows make a nice conversation area with people sitting on the sectional but do not impede TV watching (in the armoire).  The other two black chairs near the front window make a secondary conversation spot.

Living Room After

We suggested painting the purple wall a subtle green/gray wall color.  Purple is taste-specific. We recommend making your house appeal to the masses when it is listed.  That doesn’t mean bland, boring off-white, but it does mean neutralizing some of the key rooms.  We left the upstairs bathroom purple, as well as the adjacent bedroom.

In addition to painting and carpet cleaning, another recommendation was to remove this decal:

Brett Favre Decal

Yes, that is #4 Brett Favre on the wall, but he’s in a Jet’s Uniform.  We suggested it be removed mostly because it was the focal point at the end of the hallway–not because Brett played for the NY Jets for only 1 year vs. the Green Bay Packers for 15 years–and this house is being sold in Wisconsin…..OK?

Premiere Home Stagers gave the homeowners a short “to-do” list to make this lovely home stand out from amongst their competition. We are confident that after our changes are done, the house won’t stay on the market very long.

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