This 80’s style ranch home was ready for a few updates when purchased two years ago.




Cosmetic updates were easy to accomplish.  The sage green louvered shutters were removed.  Deep red panel shutters took their place.  The front door was repainted to match.  Red is a color thread in the interior of the home, so now even the exterior color harmonizes.

Some changes were more subtle.  The detachable window panes were removed for a cleaner look and an unobstructed view to the outside.



The homeowners knew that a roof would be needed in the near future.   The current shingle color had a grayish tone and didn’t coordinate well with the other exterior elements of the home.




Choosing a shingle color involves several steps:

  • Obtain a variety of samples.
  • Consider what exterior elements are most permanent — siding, soffit, fascia and brick.
  • View samples next to these elements in a variety of natural light.
  • When the choice is narrowed to one, obtain the address of a home where this shingle has been used in order to view the shingle on an actual roof.


This shingle was determined to be the best color to harmonize with the taupe of the siding as well as the brown and yellow tones in the brick.  The brown soffit and fascia has a grayish undertone that coordinates well with the shingle.

Work will begin next week to repair and replace the roof.  The finished product should update the look of this home.