Each year, Premiere Home Stagers takes a look at their inventory and assesses what needs to be fixed, sold, or retired.  Our staging style is usually transitional– a blend of traditional and contemporary styles–that we sometimes need to update with new trends, colors, or finishes.

We received an inquiry about staging a newly built vacant home. Because of the dark floors and cabinetry, we decided to use an off-white sectional sofa in our inventory. We realized we needed an updated chair to pair with it. Some of our chairs would have worked, but we wanted a more contemporary look.

Chair Before

Because Premiere Home Stagers is a proponent of recycling, we found a used chair style we liked and went to the fabric store in search of material to reupholster it.  The fabric needed to  complement the off-white sectional and also a green and brown sofa in our inventory.

The first step in reupholstering is to remove the previous fabric and all the fasteners (staples). You then sand the wood and refinish the legs. Any repairs or odors need to be addressed.

Covering Removed

Now it’s time to start putting on the fabric.  The front banding goes on first, followed by the seat top.

Front Banding

You need to be careful to keep the fabric taut and straight–especially when dealing with a pattern.







Next are the inside arms.  Again, you need to be aware of the pattern so that it runs the correct way.

Inside Arms


Notice that the front pieces don’t necessary match, but are going in the same direction.






Now, the inside front portion needs to be sewn to the upper sides so that it “fits like a glove” .

Inside Front

The inside front is the most critical piece of fabric as it is the focal point for the whole chair.  The front banding and the inside back branches line up.
The remaining pieces are the outside arms and the back, plus the separate cushion.  It will be ready for our vacant staging project soon.


When home staging, Premiere Home Stagers selects the correct pieces that will enhance your home’s style and make an emotional connection for prospective buyers.  We do what it takes to meet our strict quality standards and make you a satisfied customer.  Call us for your home staging or redesign needs.  608-345-9396.