Sometimes people need a little nudge in thinking outside the box.  That is what Premiere Home Stagers does when consulting on furniture placement, paint color selection, and saving you money.

Living Room Before

The homeowners had recently moved from one condo to a larger one. They had beautiful furniture–in some cases only two years old–but they couldn’t figure out how to position it in this different space.  They wanted some direction as to the use of each room and furniture placement.  Premiere Home Stagers strives to use the pieces you love in a different way.  There is no need to purchase something new when something you already have can be repurposed.

Living Room After

We realized the sectional could be taken apart. So, instead of purchasing new furniture, we discovered we liked this arrangement much better.  They didn’t need to purchase an ottoman because the two foot-rests found downstairs fit the bill perfectly.

Master Bedroom Before

We noted that a person could see the master bed when standing inside the front door.  We decided it would be better for their privacy to turn the bed on the opposite wall and place a distinctive piece that could be seen from the front door.

Master Bedroom After

The artwork is pleasing when at the front door, there is more privacy, and less noise from the adjoining condo.  A win-win!


The homeowners will continue with their “to-do” list such as getting samples of carpet and hardwood flooring, plus a few construction items to take care of.  Premiere Home Stagers will return to recommend paint colors and finish staging their artwork and accessories after their list is completed.


Call us before you make major decisions.  We saved these homeowners a significant amount of money by repurposing and repositioning what they already had.  We can do the same for you too!  608-345-9396.