Our mission at Premiere Home Stagers is to enhance the positive features of a home in order to maximize its appeal to any buyer.  Sometimes that includes distracting the buyer’s eye from the negatives of that home.

Our projects this week took us to a home where the owners are passionate about their collection of crocks.  Many rooms had carefully arranged groupings of crocks like the one above.  In this case, we advised removing the crocks to the left of the hutch and leaving only the grouping on the right.  Why?  Because they distract a potential buyer from viewing the features of the home itself.

This living room, however, warrants a positive distraction.  In the absence of furniture, the blue carpet is glaring, cold and dated.  We have selected a furniture grouping that harmonizes with the carpet color and updates the look of the room.  A buyer’s eye will be drawn away from the carpet to the size and openness of the space.

In the case of this family room we’d love to see some updating happen before we stage it.  That is not our decision so we will do our best to positively distract from all the dark rough hewn wood.

We will give the potential buyer a vision for what the room could be, not what it currently is.  Our plan includes a more contemporary sectional, an area rug with warm colors and other coordinating furnishings to step up the appeal of the space.

Stay tuned for the finished product next week!