I am often captivated by the beauty of reflection.

Natural settings inspire us — sunlight silhouetting the branches of a tree, or a rainbow of colors bouncing off cascading water.





But reflection can be created too.  This mirrored bar in front of a window reflects not only the branches outside but the colored glass bottles arranged on it.  What a stunning example of intentional reflection.


This fountain is surrounded by a covered pavilion.  Its location in the sunlight allows for reflection of the water.













In home decor, mirrors, windows and metallic pieces offer the best opportunity to be creative with reflection.

Consider the grouping of objects above:

  • Varied shapes
  • Proportional to the mantel space
  • Common color theme
  • Overlapping to bring cohesiveness

The vase of berry branches and sticks is intentionally placed to reflect in the mirror behind.  The monogram letter also reflects in the mirror.  Both the mirror and the metallic oval platter reflect light back into the room.

Is there a mirror or a window in your home that would be enhanced by intentional reflection?  Experiment with what might work in front of it.  Then sit back and enjoy the view.