Premiere Home Stagers is grateful to work with many wonderful clients over the years, whether staying or selling their home.  Transitions are a part of life. We relish the opportunity to soften that transition.

Yes, we are grateful for the usual things–family, friends, good food, good conversation, and spiritual connections.  However, we are also grateful for helpful items that make our business more efficient and organized when storing our inventory.  Here are some examples of how to store or display your household items:

Craft Shelves

1. This tall milk-crate type shelving unit perfectly holds my rubber stamps. The metal garage-type shelf unit stores the rest of the stamps in plastic containers by category.  I can find exactly what I need quickly.

Bathroom Shelves

2. Isn’t it great to utilize the tops of the shoe boxes, dollar-store baskets, or food containers to store those sticky-type bathroom products you need (hair spray, hair gel, lotion, etc), so as to not gum up the shelf itself?  I also “discovered” that towels don’t have to store flat–you can store them vertically too!

Under the Sink Shelf

3. I either need to find a “wonder product” that will clean everything–including the dogs–or not be as picky about things being clean.  Luckily, there is a two-tier shelf unit that holds the pet products on top and the cleaning stuff on the bottom so I don’t mix them up.

Laundry Shelves

4. These shelves are to hold a laundry basket for each person in the household so THEY could do their own laundry.  The dog wash area is a good idea in theory–until the dogs start to wriggle through your soapy hands and shake themselves all over you.  The small dog is now washed in the sink.

Kitchen roll-out shelf

5. There are two of these roll-out shelf cabinets in the kitchen–which I love. This one holds the glass serving dishes and the other one holds the baking items.  Both are well-used.

Living Room Shelves

6. No home would be complete without some sort of decorative shelving so one could display meaningful items. Accessories are what makes your house your home.


Premiere Home Stagers has a lot of great ideas on how to make your home more efficient and organized for you.  During this holiday season of limited time, doesn’t it make sense?  608-345-9396.