This vacant condo was last week’s staging project for Premiere Home Stagers.  We began by taking measurements and assessing space usage.  Then we selected furnishings that were proportional to the space and in keeping with the contemporary style.


Without furnishings, the great room felt small.  Buyers would wonder how to incorporate both a living area and dining into the space.


 The living area is oriented near the fireplace on the left side of the room.  The contemporary pieces fit well with the style of the condo and the furniture is proportional to the area.  Glass top tables give the illusion of more floor space.  The slight angle of the sofa gives visual interest.



The dining area is opposite the living space.  The glass top table here is perfect to add just the right amount of visual weight.  It demonstrates that four people can comfortably dine here.  The shelving unit adds height.


Plenty of exposed wood flooring creates an illusion of spaciousness.



This loft-style unit is now appealing to prospective buyers.  It is stylish and modern and exemplifies how the space can be used.  Buyers are able to make an emotional connection and decide, “I’d really like to live here!”