Premiere Home Stagers went to a presentation by Sherwin-Williams regarding color trends this week.


Sherwin-Williams sites these trends:


1.  Reasoned:  “Gray is the new black and math is the new sexy.”  Paint colors include Tricorn Black, Agreeable Gray, Crushed Ice, Earl Gray and Peppercorn.



2.  Diaphanous:  “The exquisite, spiritual balance of simplicity, delicate colors, and strength tempered by softness.”  Paint colors include Fleur de Sel, Malted Milk, Sandbank, Steamed Milk, and Spun Sugar.



3.  Curiosity:  “Mad scientist meets fantasy and sweet dreams overlap with feverish nightmares.:  Paint colors include Show Stopper, Sealskin, Quixotic Plum, Antiquarian Brown, Enigma, Relic Bronze and Blue Peacock.



4.  Intrinsic:  “..the global melting pot slowly blends the world into one stew.”  Paint colors include Ablaze, Dynamo, Houseplant, Raucous Orange, Capri, Ceremonial Gold, and Polished Mahogany.


One must have the ultimate creativity to come up with paint names, don’t you think?


Premiere Home Stagers tries to keep informed about trends and forecasts so that we may present you with current options.  Give us a call at 608-345-9396 to explore your creativity.