Rectangular living rooms are often hard to arrange.  This one was no exception at a recent staging consultation.  The furniture placement elongated the room and it felt slightly unbalanced, with the weightier pieces on the left side.


Our recommendations included relocating the sofa to the TV wall, unmounting the TV and moving it to the opposite corner, treating the wood floors, and adding an area rug and fresh paint.


These homeowners went to work and tackled our to-do list in a matter of days.  Even rewiring the cable for the TV was accomplished–no small feat.


The new wall color has a yellow undertone which adds warmth to the room.  The tan complements the woodwork and harmonizes with the furniture tones.


The new furniture arrangment feels cozier and more balanced.  An area rug brings pattern as well as defining the living space.



A dining area in the foreground of the room is defined by the light fixture centered above the table.  A glass front cabinet holds vintage treasures.


This otherwise wasted space is well-utilized for everyday dining.  A room this size can accomodate two functions when the furniture is properly proportioned and arranged.


This home is ready for the photo shoot.