Potential is a much-used word.  We speak of “living up to one’s potential”, “wasted potential” and “latent potential.”


In the real estate market there was a time when buyers were willing, and sometimes expected, to look past reality to the potential of a home.  That time is no more.   The price must now reflect the amount of effort needed to unlock a home’s potential.


Potential is what motivates sellers and real estate agents to stage vacant properties.  This week at Premiere Home Stagers we are looking forward to furnishing a couple vacant properties.


The reason?  Buyers can’t see the potential of a space when it is vacant.  They are left to wonder:

  • How will I arrange furniture in this room?
  • Where will I put my TV?
  • Will my dining table fit?
  • Can I transform this space to fit my own style?


Our passion is to reveal and exploit the potential of every home.  We seek to answer the buyer’s unasked questions, to bring hidden potential into the limelight.


We look forward to these upcoming projects:  one a ranch-style renovated home and the other a beautiful, classic tudor-style home.  The potential is there and we’ll make sure that every buyer sees it.