This week at Premiere Home Stagers we were informed by a delighted realtor that this condo had an accepted offer.  It was a vacant unit on the market for several months.  It is located in a building with other units for sale — direct competition.  We enhanced its appeal by adding furnishings just over a month ago.

This view is what buyers encountered before staging.  They were being asked, without words, to imagine the possibilities of this space.  As the condo languished on the market it became apparent that buyers were unable to do so.

Will my sofa fit?  Where will I put a dining table?  How will traffic flow in this room?  All these were questions running through a prospective buyer’s mind as they contemplated this space.  These questions remained unanswered as long as the condo was vacant.

Another challenge to the buyer’s imagination was a windowless room.  We needed to define its function and demonstrate the scale of the space with carefully selected furnishings.

But we went a step further and created a ‘window’.  Look carefully — the drapery panels are framing a mirror.   The lamp reflects light from the mirror almost as if light were coming from outside.

The condo buyers like this idea so much that they asked to purchase the ‘window’ along with the condo.  We are happy to oblige.

Professional vacant home staging doesn’t ask a potential buyer to imagine the possibilities.  Most buyers can’t.  We decide what those possibilities are, and make them reality in our staging.  We’re glad to add this condo to the list of SOLD properties.