Dining Room Before

The homeowner put his house up for sale before, but did not receive any offers.  It is a nice house in a nice neighborhood, but prospective buyers just could not make an emotional connection.




The new realtor suggested he try home staging. Premiere Home Stagers was more than happy to stage this house with a goal to add some softness and tone down the bold paint.



We removed the purplish tablecloth and the reddish plates. They were clashing with the paint color.  We added some softness by putting a plant in a large blue pot in the corner.  A more substantial centerpiece was added later.


The homeowner told us he had spent more time painting the living room than sitting in it. He said it just didn’t feel inviting. We understood what he meant.

We removed the large sofa and placed the loveseat from the family room on the back wall.  The metal artwork came from the upstairs bathroom, the framed artwork was stored in another room, the black short table came from the master bedroom and the rug came from the garage.  We try our best to work with what you already have.

This room could accommodate an easy chair in the front corner, but for now, it’s a perfect quiet spot for reading or playing on your tablet.


The family room was a little too crowded with all the electronic equipment and the furniture that blocked the back door.

We brought up a chair from the lower lever, removed the large speakers, and repositioned artwork.  The only items that the homeowner need to purchase were a few patterned sofa pillows, a dining room centerpiece, and a bedspread with a dust ruffle for the master bedroom.

Even though the TV is above the fireplace, it blends in with the brown wall color.  The room is more spacious and the back door is easily accessible.


Premiere Home Stagers is confident the owner will get a good offer because a buyer will make an emotional connection this time around.  Why not save yourself some time and schedule a consultation before you list.  Call us at 608-345-9396.