This 3000 square foot space was home to a fitness center at one time.  Note the wall of mirrors and matted floor.  When a church leased the space for midweek programs it was time for a facelift.


Replacing the carpet was cost prohibitive so carpet cleaning was scheduled.  The mirrors were removed and repurposed.  A small room was built over the matted area.


The paint color scheme was dated and lacked warmth.  But the carpet has a red border that needed to play into color decisions.



A deep gray was chosen for most of the walls in a tone that coordinated with the carpet.  One wall is painted in a lighter shade of the same color.



Then pops of bold orange were added in a few areas around the space.  The orange plays against the bold red of the carpet border and livens up the gray.  With the gray and red border eliminated the whole space feels more updated.




Work stations were added to one corner of the space taking advantage of the abundant natural light.  Comfy chairs were purchased to accommodate visitors.  Their contemporary style and colors add some spark, and are easy to rearrange for meetings.  Small black cubes betweeen the chairs are perfect for holding beverages.

Photographs of local landmarks were mounted and added throughout the room.  Game tables and bistro tables create an atmosphere of warmth in this gathering space.

But the biggest impact?  Paint color!  As always, it is the least expensive way to freshen and transform a space.