Over the course of the past year we returned to a client’s home several times to complete different phases of a remodelling project.  This included kitchen updates, new flooring, carpet and new paint colors throughout.  After a few months we selected new window coverings, furniture and accessories.  All seemed complete by late fall.   We chronicled the project through our blog posts.


This cozy living room and the dining area beyond had undergone major transformation.  But look beyond the sofa to the windows.  We had addressed the windows separately in our original plan.


Visiting with the homeowner one afternoon and sitting in the chair in the foreground of the photo, we realized that the windows felt disconnected.  We suggested adding another pair of panels to the window behind the sofa.



Now the windows seem cohesive.  The panels even serve to distract from the window air conditioner unit.  The final addition to an already beautiful space.  The homeowner is delighted.




On the same visit we discussed an issue with the family room carpet.  Her solution was to cover it with an area rug that had been in storage.


After working together for months we knew that the style of this rug was not in keeping with the homeowner’s taste.  It solved the problem but detracted from the room’s decor.


We suggested shopping for a slightly bigger area rug that would add some pattern and pizzazz, as well as serve the function.  We narrowed the selection down to four rugs.  She made the final decision.


The motif of this area rug is in keeping with her contemporary tastes.  It adds some color and pattern to the room and harmonizes well with the recliners.  The size is better proportioned to the space.


How satisfying to add the final finishing touches to a project!  We’re glad to realize we weren’t quite finished.