Gone are the days when a cherry Queen Anne dining table and hutch inhabits the average home.  The crystal pieces in the hutch made wonderful wedding gifts but were rarely used.  How many times did the family, or even guests, gather in this formal space?





More often, when there is a formal dining room, it becomes a destination for crafting, homework or even folding laundry.   While still called the formal dining room, its function is far from formal.





Today’s average homebuyer desires spaces that are functional and accommodate the everyday needs of the family.  Builders recognize this.  In new home plans, that room to the right or left of the foyer is now referred to as the “flex room”.  Buyers have flexibility to assign function as they see fit.

In this new home, french doors were added to the flex room for noise control.


Currently the flex room functions as a toy room.  With two small children, this spot is perfect to contain toys but still be in close proximity to Mom on the main level.


Its easy to envision the function changing as the children grow.  Toys will be replaced by more seating and perhaps a video game system.   This space would also make a perfect home office.


In time, this room may even become a formal dining space.  The ceiling light fixture will be replaced by a chandelier and hardwood flooring may dress up the room.  The transformation will happen because the homeowners are ready to transform the function of their flex room.  Its flexibility guarantees that it will never be an unused space.