This beautiful new condo was a recent project as the homeowner called us to help with finishing touches.  She had returned to her former home, loved our work there and asked us to help in her new space.

The walls were blank when we arrived and the faux granite tables above were used in the family room.  We decided her living room needed their dressier style, so we swapped the tables.  The framed needlework piece deserved center stage so we used it as the focal point of the living room.

We called in extra muscle to move this piece from the lower level family room to an empty corner of the living room.  A lamp on top and a few accessories filled the space perfectly.

The view from the front entry had been the back of this sectional–not very welcoming for guests.  Without another option for furniture arrangement, we opted to soften the look with the colorful, textural rug, the bench and a plant.  Now there is a landing spot for guests’ purses and other items.

Imagine this room with the exercise bike front and center (where the table is now) and the armoire that migrated upstairs.  It felt overly full and too functional rather than beautiful and welcoming.  The glass top table gives an airy look.  The exercise bike is now minimized in the corner.  The rustic tables are perfect for this casual space.  The oblong metal piece in the right rear of the photo cleverly disguises the circuit box.

A few well-placed accessories and wall art are the icing on the cake to complete the decor of this lovely condo.