Thrift stores are loaded with unwanted pieces of furniture, often in good condition but no longer useful to the owner.  What if one was able to look beyond the intended purpose for a piece and envision a new function?  We come across such examples of ingenuity and sometimes even create them ourselves.

This former TV entertainment stand found new life after a move.  The big screen TV is no longer used so the cabinet became a storage unit.  It fits perfectly in front of the window and provides table top space for a lamp and accessories.



This antique sewing machine cabinet has been repurposed as an accent table in this eclectic living room.  It serves as a conversation piece for guests as well.







When staging this living room we needed a more substantial coffee table.  We searched other rooms in the home and relocated this blanket chest in front of the sofa — problem solved.



After rearranging the rest of the living room, this wall was empty and needed some weight.  The pair of prints worked well but couldn’t stand alone in the space.


The oak cabinet was stored in the basement.  It had housed stereo components at one time but technology had moved forward and this cabinet was unused.  With the application of patterned film on the clear glass door front, it becomes valuable closed storage.  The weight on this wall balances the rest of the room.  Another piece of furniture is saved from the thrift store.