Master Bedroom Before

Premiere Home Stagers “went green” on this vacant home staging.  The homeowners had replaced the carpeting in the other rooms, but left the green color in the master bedroom because it was in good condition.  Can we work with this?  Of course!


If you look at a color chart, you’ll see that orange is complementary to green.  A secondary color is purple, which is the direction we took.



We oriented the bed so it faces the patio door, which brings in the morning light.  We believe it is preferable than looking directly into the master bathroom.


This bedspread ensemble has gray undertones, which goes perfectly with purple accents.  When we positioned some black pieces via the end tables and the black wicker chair, the room looks stunning. Even the artwork hung on the wall has some tints of purple and green.



The purple drapes warm up the wall color, as well as coordinate with the green carpet.  Our advice is to complement colors, rather than match them.  This bedroom looks more spacious and serene.



The master bathroom’s green countertops and towels coordinate with the master bedroom, making the ensuite cohesive and comfortable.


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