This office is located to the left of the front door in a vacant home staging project we recently completed.  It is a spacious room with great natural light and a pair of french doors to provide privacy from the rest of the home.


The built-ins are nicely done and the wood floor is in great condition.  The function of this room is obvious.  So why did we opt to enhance it with furnishings?


 Adding the furnishings and area rug make the room seem even more spacious.  We decided to play down the blue wall color by contrasting it with bold, black accents.  Black is a dramatic color and attacts the eye while minimizing the impact of the blue walls.

With a few carefully chosen accessories the bookcases appear functional and inviting.  Notice how few books are actually used.  We selected more interesting pieces of different shapes and mediums to add interest to the built-ins.

Instead of being a room that potential buyers glance at, this office is now memorable and draws one in. The walls are still blue but a buyer’s attention is directed away from the color to the features of the space.