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When perusing www.houzz.com, I noted this article on how others had made mistakes when decorating their homes.  Usually, it was in relation to paint colors or furniture, but in some cases, their “mistakes” were quite humorous.


From Spanishmedigal:

“I once painted my kitchen a lemongrass green. Everyone, no matter the skin tone, looked ill or jaundiced under the cast of this awful color I put up with for six years.”


From ojmcneff:

“Once my color-blind husband picked the color to paint our traditional home. He said it was tan. I came home to a lavender house.”


From joslyn2315:  “I love the color purple, so I wanted one room in purple. Well, it looks like Barney puked all over the walls.”

Charles Grande Sofa 567-BLK by LexMod

From Shelley Ferguson:  “I searched for the perfect cool-looking sofa at a consignment store. Found it! Bought it! Didn’t measure to see if it would fit through any door of my house! It sits in my garage still six months later.”


From jenberry72: ” I bought a custom sofa over the Internet without ever sitting on it. Down cushions, extra slipcover — the works. It was so uncomfortable! I lived with it for two years, then sold it to a friend for 50 bucks.”


From jen61:  “My master bedroom furniture looks like I shopped at the Shaquille O’Neal Design Institute. The headboard alone is so big, three burly deliverymen struggled to haul it upstairs. ”



From Jill Clothier:  My biggest decorating mistake was the black and white checkerboard floor in the bathroom. I thought it was going to look so classy and elegant. And it does — for about 10 seconds after I clean it. Solid black and solid white show everything.”


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