A friend recently gave me this little sign and remarked that this is something I often say.  ‘Think outside the box’ is a much-used cliche but aptly applies to the world of home staging.  At Premiere Home Stagers we challenge assumptions about space usage.  We apply creativity to each new project.  And we brainstorm together the best fresh solution for home staging and decor.

A current project involves staging this partially vacant home.  Buyers don’t want to, and often are unable to, think outside the box when it comes to an empty living room.  They struggle with furniture placement, wonder how big the room really is and are unable to emotionally connect with the space.

This sofa will be left in the home so we will create a plan around it.

Enter Premiere Home Stagers.  We seek to creatively draw a buyer into this space with just the right mix and placement of furniture.  We think outside the box as to what a buyer’s objections might be and minimize them with our staging plan.  (More about this project next week.)

Clients often remark “I never would have thought of that” when we complete a project.  That’s our job — seeing things with fresh eyes and applying creativity to each space.   Thinking outside the box becomes second nature.